Forgetting Time: Prologue

In the midst of our tender words will I tell you my story – one should only ever tell their life story while lying in the arms of a lover. The sun is beginning to rise. It will try to remind us that there is existence outside of this moment; it will lie to us and tell us that time exists. It doesn’t. The sun’s seeking fingers will take its place among my seeking fingers; the bird’s song will take its place among your sighs. In our created perfume will I tell you that the bird only sings to add a bit of melody to the moment. That’s not true of course, but the truth should never stand in the way of a good string of words. No, the only truth is that we exist. Let those outside others have their truth and their time – we’ve no need of it.

Close your eyes. Let this world fade away and I will create a new one for you.

Read Forgetting Time: Epilogue

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